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Juli Raja hand built
Beauty.  With a Bite.

The Juli Raja hand built collection of scarves and hand-tailored men’s shirts feature the perfect combination of unique & exclusive woodblock prints, hand-printed on the finest hand woven cotton and silk textiles.  Since 2005, each JRHB collection has featured classic single-stitch tailoring techniques and a signature hybrid of traditional and contemporary design to make clothes that keep alive centuries-old craft techniques while maintaining their modern aesthetics.

The roots of our vast collection of unique patterns stem from the catalogs of the legendary Kanishka’s of Kolkata.  This venerable, 45 year old boutique and design studio has been creating extraordinary, one of-a-kind-patterns for sarees for the modern Indian woman since 1970.  Started by my mother and father-in-law, Nandita and Dilip Raja, in their living room, Kanishka’s has since grown into an institution whose innovations are prized and whose creations are valued as collector’s items.

To this storied, ever-evolving history, I bring my own resources and imagination: my passion for the process, my training as a designer, my love of ornament and that little edge of irreverence that keeps it all ever so slightly off-kilter.

Each year, a few of my original drawings are added to Kanishka’s 4000-plus print library.  Then, with the help of our skilled woodblock printers, short runs of fabric are hand-printed in the Kanishka’s workshop to create limited edition collections that rarely exceed 16 pieces per color or print design.  The process ensures originality and allows for unlimited variety.

In our designs, we play with ideas both unexpected and humorous, flipping the traditional and familiar woodblock-printed image on its head.  Each collection – the delightful Featherweight cabanas, the beautiful Ringside single stitch Dress Shirts or the dramatic Mad Rascals® scarves -- is notable for its combination of exquisite craftsmanship, vibrant palette and mischievous humor.

In the ManEaters® series for example, it takes the viewer a few moments to discover that what appears to be a simple dragon design is actually a grinning crocodile with a human leg coming out of its mouth!  The true beauty of these collections lie in their fusion of whimsy and tradition: the lines inherent to the wood block printing process still remain, but the story has been rewritten.